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Read up on the advice below to make sure the festive period is a happy one.

Out and about- (Advice for over 18s)

  • If you are out celebrating this year make sure you look after your friends and know how you are getting home at the end of the night
  • Make sure you eat before you go out and stick to safer drinking levels
  • Never drink and drive
  • Do not get into your friend/neighbour etc’s car if the driver is drunk

In the house

  • Never put candles on or near a Christmas tree. Never leave an open flame unattended. Always place tea lights inside an appropriate container
  • Test your lights (or get your parents/carers to check them for you if you are under age) and the wiring before you put them up, as they can deteriorate over the years. Don’t overload sockets, as that’s a fire risk.
  • Keep the stairs well-lit and free from obstacles, especially if you have guests/friends who could be going up to the bathroom during the night
  • Hot fat, boiling water and sharp knives make the kitchen one of the most dangerous places during the holiday. Younger children should be kept out of the kitchen
  • Place glass decorations out of the reach of toddlers and pets. Novelty decorations, such as stuffed Santas, reindeer and snowmen, which look like toys, may not comply with strict toy safety regulations. Therefore, they should not be within the reach of younger children