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South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (or SCAS for short) is part of the National Health Service (NHS). We receive over 1.5 million emergency and non-emergency calls each year.

We get called out to a lot of incidents involving young people. Some of these are just unfortunate accidents, but many can be avoided. So we decided to list all the common reasons why a young person could find themselves in the back of of an ambulance.

We also wanted to give you some really good advice on the correct use of 999 and 111, together with lots of information and guidance about the main issues which teenagers face nowadays. Be Smart Be Safe

The content on this page comes from various sources and is intended to be helpful to the general public. We recommend that you see your local healthcare professional if you have any concerns over your personal health or wellbeing. We can’t accept any medical responsibility for the information displayed.

Water safety

You wouldn’t dream of going for a swim if you knew there were crocodiles in the water, so why ignore the danger signs in lakes, reservoirs, rivers or beaches in the UK?

Horse riding

Learning to horse ride can be exhilarating … but it can also end in tragedy if you do not follow safety guidelines.


Have you recently been diagnosed, know someone who has, or you are not sure what it means and you are too afraid to ask your friends/teachers /family? This section on HIV can help.

Young carers

Being a young carer is not easy but there is help out there.


Confused about LGBT or about your sexuality? Get some useful information here.

Teenage cancer

Cancer in teenagers and young adults is pretty rare. However, certain cancers are more likely to affect teenagers and young people.

Be safe online

You wouldn’t give your personal details to someone on the street whom you have never met, so why do it online?

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse can be either physical or non-physical.

Road safety – motorcycling

Fatal accidents are devastating for family members and loved ones. A mum tells us about her son who died in a motorcycle accident.


What causes self-harm? How can you help yourself and/or other people?