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Real Life


We get called out to a lot of incidents involving young people. Some of these are just unfortunate accidents, but many can be avoided. So we decided to list all the common reasons why a young person could find themselves in the back of an ambulance.

We also wanted to give you some really good advice on the correct use of 999 and 111, together with lots of information and guidance about the main issues which teenagers face nowadays. Be Smart Be Safe

The content on these pages comes from various sources and is intended to be helpful to the general public. We recommend that you see your local healthcare professional if you have any concerns over your personal health or wellbeing. We can’t accept any medical responsibility for the information displayed.


In June 2020 we launched a competition for young people! We asked if you could send a message of support to any other young person right now what would you say? It could be anything – drawing, painting or even a poem! The winners would receive a visit to their school as soon as government guidlines allowed us to.

We had some brilliant enteries, here are all our winners!

Jordan – Treloar College (Hampshire)

Young man holding a painted picture

Elias – Apollo Cubs (Hampshire)

My poem of support

A good friend is always near

Never too far

Never to fear

They are always here

And always will

With a happy cheer

They never give up

Even when things are tough

They remain as happy as a pup

Friends are key during lockdown times

Stay as strong as a lion

We will meet again some time….


Paul – Treloar College (Hampshire)