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Oxfordshire County Council are asking for feedback from all children and young people in Oxfordshire, aged 8 – 18 and up to 25 with additional needs, about how supported they feel by the services they use.

They shared this questionnaire in 2019 and 2020, and another year on, would like to see how supported children and young people feel now.

Please share this questionnaire with young people you know or work with and encourage them to complete it. Future services and activities can be further informed on what works well for young people and provides them a platform for their voice to be heard.

The online questionnaire is available to share with children and young people, until it closes on Sunday 9th May, here:

The online version is preferable however there are also 3 PDF versions which can be printed out, and completed on paper instead

For further information or a copy of the printable versions please email

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