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Did you find the safety danger in the picture?

Not all of the cyclists in the picture are wearing a helmet.

Make sure you wear one when out cycling (or skateboarding). If you are worried about not looking cool in one, just remember that you will not be cool if you have a bike accident and end up in hospital with head injures.  Besides, there are some great bike helmets in shops and if your friends do not wear any, you could be the first to have one and set the trend.

Watch the ‘Use your head – use a helmet’ video to see why wearing an helmet can save lives.

Also, remember to follow these guidelines.

  • Be visible to other road users in the dark by having the following lights and reflectors:
    • One front light which is white
    • One rear reflector which is red
    • Two amber reflectors on each pedal

If you can, also have some stick-on reflectors on your jacket. Again, you might think that it’s not cool to have lights on your bicycle or skate bike. But, hey:

  • firstly, it is illegal to cycle on a public road after dark without lights and reflectors
  • secondly, it could save your life because other road users will be able to see you

We have here some other life saving tips which we recommend you follow while out on your bike.

  • Don’t cycle too close to the kerb
  • Make eye contact with drivers
  • Make your intentions clear to other road users
  • Look behind you before you turn, overtake or stop
  • Use arm signals before you turn right or left
  • Obey traffic lights and road signs
  • On busy or narrow roads, don’t cycle next to another person
  • When overtaking parked cars, watch out for car doors opening suddenly and allow room to pass safely
  • Don’t use headphones while cycling
  • Never use a mobile phone while cycling.

You can get some great resources from Brake

Teachers and parents/carers

You can find some very helpful information and videos for discussion in class and/or with your children from the Headway website.

The cycle helmet evidence video centres around a paramedic’s son who cycled off without his helmet as he was late, with drastic consequences. It also features James Cracknell talking about his accident.