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What does LGBT include?
  • LGBTstands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
  • Some other abbreviations are LGBTQ, LGBT+, LGBTQA, TBLG
  • These also include people identifying as Queer or Questioning, and asexual or ally
  • Homosexuality is a term where people are attracted to the same sex

Not everyone is as open and accepting of homosexuality, so you may be subject to bullying

  • Homophobia is where someone dislikes or is prejudiced against homosexual people
  • Some people don’t understand that it is normal, and will pick on you because you are simply different to them
  • Bullying can take different forms, including name calling, whispers, threats, stares, nasty comments, violence
  • Schools have a legal duty to ensure homophobic bullying is dealt with
  • It can be scary to try and tell someone if you are being bullied, but you need to ask for help in order to stop it – this is not a sign of weakness

Remember you don’t have to put up with it

Coming out
  • Is where you tell people of your sexuality – it can be a scary experience as you may not know how people will react, but it’s completely your decision and no one else’s opinions matter – YOU DON’T NEEED TO COME OUT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO OR ARE NOT READY
  • Everyone’s experiences of coming out are different – there is no guide of how to come out, and factors making it different are: your sexuality, your cultural background and your personal circumstances
  • If you are ready to come out try approaching a trusted friend or relative first as this can help you feel more positive about it and can help you feel more confident in telling other people
  • Don’t rush into telling someone if you are not ready, make sure to leave plenty of time so you can talk about it – maybe try and be in a setting where you feel confident and where you won’t be disturbed
  • If you feel you may need support reach out to a charity who can help guide you through this, for example: LGBT foundation, Stonewall, Mind, LGF, EACH
  • Most people will be positive about you coming out but be prepared to deal with people being negative as not everyone is as warm and accepting
Mental health issues
  • Many LGBT people have mental health issues as a result of homophobic bullying and discrimination
  • If you do feel as though you are struggling, talking to a therapist trained in LGBT may help as they are specialised in the issues that may be causing the mental health problems associated with it
  • Getting help doesn’t make you weak, it can be lifesaving – it’s never too late to seek help, even if your problem doesn’t seem very big it can help
  • Some reasons to get help may be:
    • Feeling down, tired or lacking energy
    • Thoughts of self-harm or thoughts of taking your life
    • Lack of interest in things you normally enjoy
    • Shutting yourself away

Sources: Stonewall and NHS Livewell

Don’t suffer in silence!

There are many places that can help and if you are struggling right now call the SAMARITANS on 116 123 – they are there to help and listen to whatever is going on.

Other places to get help can be your GP practice, support groups, trained therapists, friends and family.


LGBT foundation